Monday, August 6, 2007

Post possibly Worth Reading

I am finding the flickr and blog to be a very exciting thing! I am amazed at all of the fabulous photos that people have submitted, especially those from China, France, and even photos of garden flowers! I am thankful that BCPL offers such learning possibilities for not only its employees but the general public as well. This opportunity opens the door to technology that I myself have been intimidated by and now seeing how interesting, astounding and easy it is to use, I am not as afraid of technology as I thought and actually welcome the opportunity to learn new things. I use to think that "books and libraries" would be a thing of the past when technology started "moving in", however I see them working hand in hand. I think that is great!


Ellen said...

I think it is worth reading! I added this post to the list!

Mama Otta said...

Thank you Ellen! As I move down the list, I am finding "some" things more challenging but I have great co-workers very knowledgeable in this sort of thing.